Vivax Metrotech AUS Proud To Be Winners Of Best Stand @ CivEnEx 2016

Vivax Metrotech AUS are proud to be awarded the Best Stand award @ CivEnEx 2016 for the second year running. The work that goes into putting together a display for such prestigious show as CivEnEx start 12 months prior to the event and to be recognised in such a way is very much appreciated by the Vivax Metrotech team.

Over the years we have been honoured with a number of Best Stand awards as well as Most Innovative Product awards. The Vivax Metrotech AUS team as well as our parent company’s team are proud of these achievements.

As manufacturers of Pipe & Cable Locators and CCTV Inspection Cameras we strive to be the best in the business. This is also shown by our launching the new vCam MX Inspection Camera system at CivEnEx.

We are also happy to support the “Pocket Sally” Initiative of the IPWEA and you will see that the principals of Vivax Metrotech AUS have been photographed with “Pocket Sally” and Bill Woodcock CivEnEx IPWEA Director. Bill presented the Winners plaque in the photo.


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