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Model 2230 2-way Temperature Sensing Valves

The AMOT Model 2230 and 4430 are normally-closed, 2-way valves which are opened by increasing temperature of engine cooling water, lubricating oil, high pressure gas or other fluids. They can also be used for sensing high bearing or packing temperatures. Opening of the valve vents control pressure from an AMOT Master Safety Control such as Model 2800, 4261, and protects the engine. As many temperature valves may be used in the system as desired, with one valve for each sensing point. Refer to Application Diagram enclosed.


  • Compact rugged design
  • Factory set, field adjustable
  • Compatible in hydraulic or gas systems
  • Easy maintenance; few moving parts
  • Compatible with complete AMOT shutdown systems
  • No electricity required; fail safe
  • No wire to break or corrode
  • Viton ┬áseals standard
  • Brass (2230) or Stainless Steel construction (4430)
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