Model C Thermostatic Valves

AMOT Model C Thermostatic Valves are available in a wide selection of sizes and settings to fill a multitude of fluid temperature control requirements. They utilize the proven expanding was principle to actuate the 3-way temperature element assemblies. Sturdy housings of cast iron, aluminum, bronze, or steel fit almost any applications or pressure rating. Because some fluids such as synthetic lubricants are not compatible with copper or brass, AMOT element assemblies are available with nickel plating.


  • Flow rates of 6-54 GPM
  • Tamper-proof temperature settings of 65°F to 235°F
  • Combinations available:
    • Steel, Bronze, Cast Iron, and Aluminum Housing
    • 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ Pipe Sizes
    • Threaded & Flanged Connections
  • Positive 3-way valve action
  • completely self-contained
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