Model R Thermostatic Valve

The AMOT model R Thermostatic valve is supplied with the temperature element assembly factory-set to the nominal temperature setting. Temperature is sensed at Port A which remains open to Port B (bypass) until the fluid temperature reaches a point 8-10°F below the nominal setting. As the temperature continues to rise, the sliding valve moves to close off Port B and Port C (connected to the cooler or heat exchanger). Port B is fully closed 8-10°F above the nominal setting. The valve continually modulates the fluid flow to maintain the nominal temperature. For optimum control, the system should be sized so about half the total fluid flow passes through the cooler at full load.


  • Flow rates of 12-116 USGPM
  • Weldable connections – Element easily removed while valve remains in-line
  • Tamper-proof temperature settings
  • minimal leakage paths to atmosphere
  • ideal for refrigeration service with ammonia or other refrigerants
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