Model H Thermostatic Valve

AMOT Model H Thermostatic Valves are fully automatic, 3-way fluid temperature controllers for diverting or mixing applications. They are used to provide reliable control of fluid temperatures in engine water jacket and lubricating oil cooling systems. These valves are suitable for process control and industrial applications where fluids must be mixed or diverted, depending on their temperatures. They may also be applied to cogeneration systems to control temperatures in the heat recovery loop assuring proper engine cooling and maximizing heat recovery.


  • Flow rates of 345-1350 USGPM
  • Tamper-proof temperature settings of 55°F to 240°F
  • Combinations available:
    • Steel Housings
    • 4″, 5″ & 6″ Pipe Sizes
    • Flanged Connections
  • Positive 3-way valve action
  • Completely self-contained
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