Precision Pipe and Cable Locating Equipment for Sale

If you’re a part of the construction and building industry, there’s a good chance that eventually you’ll have to either conduct digging on a site, or simply know the mapping location of hidden utilities below the ground. Without knowing precisely what lies underneath the ground you’re digging into, you’re putting yourself and your staff in danger of either getting injured on the job or breaking through something you shouldn’t have, costing you an arm and a leg to get fixed.

Safeguard your staff and yourself (and your hip pocket) by investing in some top-quality pipe and cable locating equipment that we have available. Wonderfully easy to use, you’ll be able to successfully map the layout of the underground utilities quickly and easily (and with a high level of accuracy).

Our Locating Equipment for Pipes and Cables is Safe, Fast and a Great Investment

The Vivax-Metrotech cable and pipe location systems allow your staff to quickly and reliably find cables and pipes, identify the exact route and gain a comprehensive view of the network.

This not only increases the reliability of supply to your customers, but also improves the economy of your processes. The Vivax-Metrotech pipe and cable locators we have for sale will cover your needs, whether you’re after simple safety tools to high end locators.

Providing Our Customers with much more for sale than Cable and Pipe Locators

Whether you’re looking to pick up a CCTV drain camera or diesel control equipment, we have a huge range of products that have been designed and created with precision, durability and quality at front of mind.