Do I Need A CCTV Pipe Inspection System?

Whether you’re a plumber, an electrician, or anyone else dealing with underground plumbing and wiring, you know how time consuming, messy and expensive it can be to unearth and assess the health of these pipes. Incorporating new technology into everyday work practices can be a daunting transition, but with the benefits of camera inspections over traditional physical inspections Vivax-Metrotech AUS has the intel on CCTV cameras for pipe inspections so that you can decide whether it’s time to revolutionise your practices. Read on to learn more.


What does CCTV stand for?

Most people think wall mounted security surveillance cameras when they hear CCTV. It’s no wonder, because we’re all so familiar with the mounted cameras everywhere we go these days on the street, public transport, in shops, mounted to people’s homes… but in reality, CCTV simply stands for closed-circuit television, meaning footage from one or more cameras that’s sent to a limited number of screens. That means the term encompasses nearly all video cameras, such as body cams, traffic monitoring, security, and more.


Who uses CCTV in their work?

Inspection CCTV equipment is an increasingly used tool in many trades, such as plumbing electrical services, construction, maintenance contracting, and much more. Incorporating a closed-circuit television system into their work means that they can remotely assess, diagnose, and often even repair blockages, or breaches in hard-to-reach or dangerous places that previously had to be unearthed. The equipment is made to fit small spaces and send high-resolution imagery to a screen, meaning that they can quickly assess where and what the problem is, and deal with it promptly.


What can CCTV systems do for me?

Whether you’re a plumber dealing with blocked drains on a daily basis, or an industrial maintenance contractor ensuring that large scale pipes, wiring, and other underground systems are healthy, CCTV inspection equipment may be the solution you need. CCTV pipe inspection cameras will save you time, money, and labour, while reducing damages done to pipes and other systems that need to be unearthed to be assessed. Rather than waiting till something breaks, CCTV systems allow tech savvy contractors to pre-empt costly bursts and blockages by providing quick, high resolution diagnostics services.


Investing in the future

Incorporating new equipment is always daunting but investing in quality CCTV inspection equipment when you deal with hard to reach piping and other underground systems can be a fruitful upgrade for your business.

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