Introducing The Revolution In Pipe & Cable Locating

Locating buried utilities has fundamentally stayed the same ever since it was discovered that conductors carrying a current radiate an electromagnetic field that can be detected by a few copper windings positioned in the magnetic field.

Of course, things have refined since those early days but fundamentally the techniques are the same, in that the signal strength from a radiating source is detected and shown on a display in two dimensions.

Vivax Metrotech are proud to announce the arrival of the vLoc3 Range

A New Approach

Vivax-Metrotech have taken a new look at this and approached the problem by acknowledging that the space around us is three dimensional and the signals are also three dimensional.

Six antennas are now used to analyse the signal allowing new and exciting views of the locate environment. 5 options are now offered.

Classic Screen:-

All the features you expect to see plus:-

  • Colour coded bar graph indicating the quality of signal received and the ability to switch to “Omni Mode” which allows the user to detect a service from any direction, speeding up the locate procedure

Vector Screen:-

  • This screen shows a cross sectional view of the ground below you. The position of the line is shown accurately even when not directly over the line.
  • Continual information is shown indicating lateral displacement and depth to the service
  • The size of the ring around the utility indicates confidence level i.e. the smaller the ring the better the confidence
  • Simultaneous plan view of the utility being located.


Plan view Screen:-

  • This screen shows a plan view as if you were looking into the ground.
  • “Tram lines” indicating confidence level i.e. the further apart the tram lines, the less confidence in the information.
  • Continual depth and current update.

Transverse Screen:-


  • This screen is for those wishing to analyse the quality of signal radiating from a utility. Sweeping over a service records horizontal, (Peak indication) and vertical (Null indication) fields. In an ideal “Pure” signal the peak and null indicators should coincide.

Sonde Screen:-

If you have ever tried to locate non metallic pipes using devices called “Sondes” you will know that the process is complicated and can lead to miss locates. This unique screen and process takes the complexity out of locating sondes. Just follow the arrow until the sonde icon is centralised. Its as simple as that.


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