vLoc ML2+

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vLoc ML2+

The vLocML 2+ is a multi-purpose locator with a factory installed option to locate the various buried “markers‰” used in our industry. This enables the operator to simultaneously cable/pipe and marker locate allowing the user to trace a line and be warned when a marker is approached. The unit is now recognisable by the two carbon fibre collars on the antenna tubing. Other manufacturers use clumsy fold down antennas, or heavy internal ferrite antennas. The Vivax-Metrotech solution is a permanently mounted lightweight carbon fibre encased antenna.

The vLocML 2+ has the battery configuration using Li-ION technology which is much lighter than the current units and the battery lasts up to 4X longer. One can also choose to look only for markers, or locate and search for markers at the same time.

The locator display indicates the marker type it is identified by both an ICON and a number – the response is indicated by a large circular ball.

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