CCTV Drain Pipe & Sewer Inspection Cameras for sale in Australia

The vast majority of the time, when there’s a blockage or a fault somewhere in the underground utility system it’s incredibly difficult to pin-point precisely where it is. These days, your customers know that with the evolving technology they’re able to call in professionals who have a sewer drain inspection camera that uses CCTV instead of digging everything up to reach the same conclusion. Make sure you stay ahead of your competitors and choose from one of our CCTV pipe inspection cameras available for sale.

Why we’re Australia’s chosen Suppliers of CCTV Sewer and Drain Pipe Inspection Cameras

Vivax-Metrotech drain pipe camera systems give you the flexibility to cover a range of inspections including indoor drain lines, municipal collection systems, residential plumbing, indoor commercial lines, and lateral lines from 50mm up in diameter. As Australia’s leading suppliers of these products, our sewer inspection camera systems use the latest technology packaged in a rugged, lightweight, compact profile made specifically for the harsh conditions related to sewer & pipe inspections.

Supplying a whole lot more than Sewer Inspection Cameras For Sale

The product range we’re proud to be suppliers of for our customers in Australia includes several other high-quality items as well. You can find everything from locators for pipes and cables underground through to equipment for water networks plus more.
Our focus is to provide our customers with nothing but the very best, and you can be absolutely certain that the strong reputation we’ve built up in this industry is a result of going above and beyond to achieve that focus.