vLoc DM2

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vLoc DM2

  • Cathodic protection (CP) is used throughout the world to protect pipelines from the corrosion caused by protective coating defects. To maximize the efficiency of the cathodic protection, and to minimize stray currents, the Corrosion Engineer’s challenge is to reduce the size and number of coating defects.

The Pipeline Defect Mapper vLocDM 2 is an instrument designed and developed by Vivax-Metrotech to precisely locate and assist in evaluating such coating defects. The system can be used on either transmission or distribution pipes. A complete ACVG survey can be undertaken using the vLocDM2 and A-frame.

The profiling current can be applied at any CP point, the measurements are taken with a rugged hand-held receiver.

Results in the form of data or graphs (plots) can be viewed in real time on vLocDM2 display – external datalogger and GPS – or during post processing at office.

  • Ultra low frequency mapping
  • 1000 record point internal storage
  • Lightweight design
  • The vLocDM2 foot can be removed to make general pipe location easier
  • Signal direction
  • Real time on screen DM graphing
  • Bluetooth capability
  • vMapper Pro external GPS/Datalogger survey tool
  • 150 watt transmitter


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