The Easiest Way to Locate Underground and Concealed Pipes

There are many ways you could locate underground or concealed pipes, cables and utilities. You could contact each utility provider individually, though this is time consuming. You could use an intermediary service such as Dial Before You Dig, though they may not have up to date or accurate information. So, what is the easiest and most thorough way to locate concealed pipes? Using high-tech equipment for a full map of what’s going on below ground. Read on for more information on these new technologies.

How Do They Work?

It wasn’t so long ago that you had to physically remove pieces of ground to be able to see beneath it. With the newest technologies on the market, you can locate underground pipes, cables and utilities without so much as lifting a stone. Current pipe and cable locating systems use electromagnetic fields that are generated by a transmitter which are picked up by the receiver used above. Some cables emit their own frequency, such as live power lines that sit at around 50Hz. However, others need to have a signal transmitted into them for detection. The latest products on the market usually feature both a transmitter and a receiver in order to fulfil both functions. For non-metallic piping, sondes can be used to map out the depth or distance of a piping system. Another method is using CCTV cameras for real-time inspection of voids and enclosed structures, without damaging the existing walls or floor.

What Kind of Equipment is Available Right Now?

The Vivax Metrotech vLoc3-Pro utility locator applies the latest in locating technologies. With a bright full colour display, lightweight casing and user-friendly interface, it makes locating buried utilities and information analysis simple. It is even equipped for locating non-metallic pipes using sondes.

We also manufacture a top of the range CCTV inspection system for viewing internal conditions of pipes, conduits, ducts and similar tubes from 25 to 100mm in diameter. This portable system records AVI video and captures JPEG photos with the ability for direct upload to an SD card for fast and simple sharing.

Talk to Our Team for More Information

Whether you’re looking to locate underground pipes or need to map out the existing system in a residential property, our range of high quality products are fit for the job. Get in touch with our helpful team in your nearest Australian city to find out which of our products is right for you.

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