Is Your Construction Site as Safe as it Could Be?

Construction work covers some of the broadest definitions of any industry. It encompasses any preparation, renovations, repairs, maintenance, demolition and more for commercial and residential building sites. Construction industries also have some of the most detailed and stringent safety requirements of any industry. Ensuring safety in the workplace depends on many individual factors, but a good starting place is to ask yourself these 3 important questions.

  1. Are Your Workers Fully Trained and Licensed?

While a manager’s role is to implement and enforce safety procedures, their job will be much easier with safety compliant staff on the site. Holding site-specific inductions for all workers on a construction site is essential for running smooth and effective projects. Covering all the basics from where to seek first aid assistance to what to do in the event of an emergency or evacuation means you’ll have workers on site who can take safety into their own hands.

Another essential safety measure for workers is ensuring they have the appropriate permits or licenses before beginning work. Whether it is for using scaffolding, heavy machinery or undertaking electrical works; allowing a worker without the appropriate license or permit to commence work is a risk no effective supervisor should be willing to take.

  1. Are You Using the Safest Equipment for the Job?

Let’s say you’re prepping a site for major excavation works relating to a new underground train system. The site your working on has been recently demolished, but there were buildings and infrastructure here prior. Beginning underground works without checking for buried services or major pipelines is a huge risk to your workers’ safety and could cause delays if any essential services are damaged during excavation.

With Vivax Metrotech’s lightweight, durable equipment, you can perform these essential locating steps quickly and safely. Our pipe and cable locators or CCTV cameras will prevent your workers from breaking ground on unknown hazards.

  1. Are You Considering Potential Hazards Each Day?

No day is quite the same on a construction project. One day you may be doing simple ground prep and the next you’re working on scaffolding 10 stories above ground. For the safest work environment, potential hazards should be assessed and communicated as part of a daily briefing. Addressing them could be as simple as wearing the appropriate protective gear for the job or ensuring harnesses and safety equipment are readily available on site.

Focusing on safety doesn’t need to be difficult or boring. With the right new equipment, protective gear and procedures in place your construction site can minimise risk from the worker to the managerial levels. Vivax Metrotech have a range of equipment to help you upgrade the safety of your work. Contact us today to discuss your pipe and cable locating needs.

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